MER has a full time staff complement of five professionals, two support staff involved in the administrative tasks and one part-time. All staff are highly trained with relevant qualification of a degree in biological or wildlife sciences and some with doctorate and/or professorial status.

Managing Director

Nicolette Forbes is the managing director and founding member of the company and has been involved in riverine, estuarine and marine assessments throughout southern Africa. Nicky has been involved in research and consulting for twenty four years and has established a wide network of collaborators. She has significant experience in the management and execution of ecological surveys that incorporate assessment and monitoring of flora and fauna, ranging from experimental design and field assessments, to reporting and recommendations, as well as environmental impact assessments and providing management recommendations. She is currently the team leader for two large biomonitoring programmes investigating the impacts of two mining companies on the rivers, wetlands and streams in the Richards Bay area to fulfil the requirements of their water license conditions.

Prof Anthony (Ticky) Forbes is a founding Director and the Senior Research Scientist dealing with estuarine and inshore marine studies including long term biomonitoring studies and impact assessments. He has over forty years experience working in coastal environments in South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar and has also carried out research in the UK and Australia. He has travelled widely and given addresses at many national and international conferences. Ticky spent 31 years in research and teaching at the University of Natal and still currently has Honorary Professorship status.


MER personnel are members of the following organisations:

  • South African Council of Natural Scientists (PrSciNat registered)
  • Zoological Society of southern Africa (ZSSA)
  • Western Indian Ocean Marine Sciences Association (WIOMSA)
  • Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association (ECSA)
  • Southern African Association for Aquatic Scientists (SASAQS)
  • International Association for Impact Assessment, South Africa (IAIA-SA)

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