Marine & Estuarine Research (MER) is an ecological consultancy which has been in operation since 1999. We specialise in providing expert monitoring, assessments and advice in coastal aquatic habitats. This is based on over 35 years experience with coastal environments in South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Australia and the UK.

MER advocates a systems-based approach to the natural environment and tailors its services to client needs with flexible approaches to surveys, monitoring, restoration and management within the coastal zone.

MER works with a broad range of colleagues involved in coastal research and management and are able to pull together teams of experts to suit the needs of a project.

Based in offices in Umhlanga, South Africa, MER provides services across South Africa and Africa. All services are provided in accordance with international best-practice and the specific country's environmental requirements and legislation.

Specialists in biomonitoring, forensic ecology and planning in coastal environments

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