Our Services

Water, Coastal and Environmental Consultants

MER works strategically with private and public sector clients to manage and execute ecological design, strategy and planning projects with scientific rigour.

MER is unique in its specialisation with the equipment and knowledge to conduct field surveys, analysis and assessments. We bridge science with development, legislative frameworks and natural resources to help our clients make decisions that lessen impact, prevent environmental degradation and promote their environmental responsibilities.

We are well known for our integrity which ensures that uncertainty around project outcomes is minimised.
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Specialist Studies
EIA inputs



Spatial mapping

  • Coastal assessments
  • Aquatic biodiversity assessments
  • Terrestrial biodiversity assessments
  • Estuarine Health Assessments
  • Environmental Flow Requirements for Estuaries
  • Speciaised invertebrate, fish and bird sampling and assessment in coastal waters (streams, estuary and shallow marine)
  • Water use Licence Applications

  • Baseline studies and Situation Assessments
  • Monitoring
  • Integrated monitoring and assessment
  • Estuarine Management Plans
  • Environmental compliance reports
  • Audit Reports

Training courses can be tailored to suit the needs of the client. Some of the existing courses include:
  • Introduction to Marine Ecology
  • Introduction to Estuaries
  • Estuarine Management (3 day workshop)
  • Estuarine Management (5 day workshop)
  • Coastal Ecology and Management - UNISA Final Year Practical Module
  • ◦ Mapping physical environments and biological features in the coastal zone
  • Habitat mapping
  • Sensitivity mapping
  • Risk assessment
  • Floodlines (1:50 and 1:100 year)
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